ARIANNE Consulting, Inc. (ARIANNE) is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) headquartered in San Diego, (California, US), providing Clinical and Regulatory services worldwide to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

A =    Adept and
R =    Reliable, we offer multinational teams highly experienced and committed to the development of your product, based on
I  =    Innovative and
A =    Adaptive solutions, in various countries including
N =    North America and
N =    New Emerging Economies. We abridge the timelines of your product development while providing
E =    Excellence throughout our services

ARIANNE offers access to well over 20 countries across five continents. Our global presence includes North and South America (US, Canada, Mexico, Panama and Guatemala), Australia, South Africa, Russia and emerging economies including: India, Singapore, Ukraine, the Baltic States in Northern Europe (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia); Western, Central and Eastern Europe including new EU members. about usToday, these countries are among key destinations of clinical trial expansion and present the advantages of large naïve patient populations, fast patient enrollment, excellent patient retention, and highly trained, as well as, skilled medical professionals. ARIANNE builds its business based on the integrity of its people and the confidence and trust generated with prospects and clients. With a combined executive management experience of over 65 years in international clinical trial management and drug development, we offer high quality and reliable services to bio-pharmaceutical companies.

ARIANNE gains its recognition by being very responsive and the first to provide solutions (proposals/feasibility studies) ahead of the competitors. ARIANNE’s commitment is to further drug development by adeptly working in today’s shifting environment. Our objective is to accelerate drug development by shortening the clinical development phase while offering the highest standards for the industry and keeping with regulatory (FDA, ICH) guidelines for Good Clinical Practices. In order to achieve this goal we offer to our clients the ability to conduct clinical trials in countries that allow for rapid patient recruitment and retention while remaining very cost effective. Our experienced international regulatory personnel ensure all regulatory submissions are completed efficiently and effectively and are constantly up-to-date with international government timelines and guidelines. Our systems and services are customized to meet your specific needs and requirements. You’ll benefit from a highly skilled professional team dedicated to the development of new drugs with a genuine concern for people and committed to excellence. The ARIANNE team will work as an extension of your team while always taking full responsibility and accountability for their performance. Your timelines and deliverables are ours and we strive to deliver what we committed to accomplish. We share your goals and we will exceed your expectations.