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Dr Cellia Habita, MD, PhD is the Chief Executive Officer of ARIANNE, a full service clinical CRO and consulting group for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Her CRO covers 25 countries, including MENA, and facilitates clinical trials in various therapeutic fields from the earliest through the latest stages of development (Phase 1 to 4). Cellia also provides strategic drug and clinical development advice to several US and international companies and venture funds. Her 20 years of experience includes broad scientific and clinical expertise in various therapeutic areas such as oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology, endocrinology and infectious diseases. Besides her medical diploma, she holds a Master’s in Biology and Genetics of Aging from Paris VII University, France, as well as a PhD in Genetics.
31 08, 2011

Less than 1 percent of patients participate in oncology trials, why?

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A recent paper by W. Al-Refaie et al, in the Annals of Surgery, Vol 254, number 3, Sep 2011 “Cancer Trials versus the Real World in the United States” showed that 0.64% of patients enrolled in clinical trials. Blacks were less likely than whites to enroll in trials (0.48% vs 0.67%, P65 years), early stage cancer, and those with lung or gastrointestinal cancers less likely to be enrolled. Besides some [...]

24 11, 2010

Is Thailand the next hot spot for conducting your clinical trial?

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I was having coffee with a colleague the other day and we were discussing international clinic trials and the future of drug development when there seems to be a saturation of trials, investigators and new drug applications in North America. Being a proponent for trials in India, I suggested this country for their patient recruitment in a new oncology product. “India!” he exclaimed, “you know what that stands for don’t [...]

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