Rising Value of Conducting Clinical Trials in MENA

>Rising Value of Conducting Clinical Trials in MENA

Rising Value of Conducting Clinical Trials in MENA

The key benefit of clinical trials globalization is faster time to market.  The MENA region is an attractive region due to its high population, growing biopharmaceutical market, and low number of clinical trials. The MENA region has 21 countries covering a surface of over 15 million square kilometers and has a population of 381 million people; about 6% of total world population, yet only less than 1% of all clinical trials are conducted in MENA.

MENA is the home for highly solicited patient profiles. For example, six of the world’s top 10 countries with diabetes are in the Middle East (United Arab Emirates,Kuwait,Qatar,Saudi Arabia,Bahrain, andLebanon). And 80% of disease related deaths are due to cardiovascular in Arab countries.

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The regulatory environment for MENA has improved considerably. Notable efforts to establish national research ethics guidelines have been made in many countries, increasing governmental awareness on bioethics, patient rights, drug safety and pharmacovigilance, and ICH compliant EC availabilty in large university institutions are

In a December 2012 article in Pharmatimes, Dr Alaa Assem of Clinart stated that “As the CRO market in the region is relatively young, we are positioned to grow the industry, learning from other emerging markets. There is a lot of room both for us to grow and for others to come into the market.”  Confirming this observation is INC Research very recent acquisition of Lebanon-headquartered MEK Consulting, INC to build on a region the CRO says is rapidly developing into a go-to market for clinical research.

Vladimir Misik, Ph.D. of Quintiles calculates that over the next decade MENA’s percentage of global clinical trial patient–related R&D spend would climb to 2.6 percent equating to $850 million.  He states that to reach this potential, more clinical trial personnel and services must be available in MENA. Although companies may fill some key positions in-house, the conduct of clinical trials will be outsourced to CROs. Thus, CROs have an opportunity to capture 60–80%of this market, generating $300–500 million in annual CRO revenue in 10 years.

ARIANNE has established an office in Algiers, the capital ofAlgeria, with the adequate infrastructure to support clinical trials in the region. Our local staff is fluent in the native languages, Arabic and French plus English. ARIANNE has a strong international regulatory understanding, and a corporate commitment to develop long-term relationships with a strong team approach to assist your global needs.

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